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Community Portal Discussion

  • This page is basically a simplified version of the wikipedia community portal. We can add more of their features here as appropriate. Please feel free to edit in major and minor ways.--BC 15:43, 9 February 2006 (EST)
  • I'm trying to use this page to aggregate all the discussions and pages that have been generated regarding the issue of community development and back-end users.
  • There is currently still help info. at the bottom of the page. All this information may best be relocated to a master help page.

Community development meeting


We'd like to have a meeting to discuss ways to improve the wiki's features and make it easier for people to become "back-end users"; people who contribute to the organization, usability and quality of OWW at a wiki-wide level.

This meeting might discuss topics like -

A more detailed agenda will appear here closer to the meeting.


12pm Mon. 20th Feb.
2pm Tue. 21st Feb.


If you'd like to attend, please add your name here and indicate if both/either/neither of the above times works -

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