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Revision as of 00:40, 9 March 2006 by Jason R. Kelly (Talk | contribs)
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I thought it might be useful to have an entire page that just dealt with discussions, rather than trying to fit it into a smaller area. We could lay out the portal with tabs similar to the getting started pages as a way to let users navigate easily. I thought

  1. Welcome tab
    • highlighting the ways to help out (kinda like pg3 of the getting started),
  2. Common Areas tag
    • point to protocols, eqiup, help pages, categorizing, etc.
    • e.g. how to make a "common protocol" from disparate lab protocols, etc.
  3. Discussion
    • The main discussion areas reshma outlined at the bottom of this page. Plus the 5 most recently edited OpenWetWare: pages, just to get people pumped ;)

Jasonk 23:40, 8 March 2006 (EST):Please give feedback on the idea of 3 tabs on the community portal, etc.

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