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Fall 2007 Physics 500

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Welcome to the wiki site for our seminar series on Biophysics and Medicine!

Check the Help page for information on how to officially enroll in the course.

The entire OWW site (of which this course is a part) is viewable by the entire world but editable only by registered users.

Any page that begins with "PHYC500/2007F" is a page we have created specifically for this course. If you create a page (please do!) and it is intended for this course, then make sure is starts with "PHYC500/2007F". For example, PHYC500/2007F:Sandbox.

How to participate

If you are enrolled or want to participate, you should do this (others, please edit to make more clear!):

  1. Get an account on OpenWetWare. Go here: OpenWetWare:How_to_join. In the box for "why to join" just say you're in this course (UNM: Physics 500, Steve Koch instructor). Shouldn't be any problem.
  2. Figure out the basics of wiki. Try here: PHYC500/2007F:Sandbox, you can do whatever you want to this page.
  3. Set up your user page. See the top of the page, click on your name to edit. Maybe put your name, major, etc. A picture would be great.
  4. Contribute! Maybe a good start is here: PHYC500/2007F:Interactions

Goals of the wiki

  • Encourage more discussions about the seminars or just about biophysics or science in general
  • Place to put links to slides or supplemental information
  • Other?

Recent updates to the course

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