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Fall 2007 Physics 500

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Registering for the course

Here are the possible courses to enroll in for this course:

  • Graduate Students: Credit / No Credit
    • Sem: Biophysics & Medicine - 26135 - PHYC 500C.005
  • Undergraduate Students: Credit / No Credit
    • Credit for this course can be obtained by registering for a problems course from one of the following instructors:
      • Prof. Keith Lidke
      • Prof. Steve Koch
      • Prof. James Thomas
      • Prof. Kevin Cahill
    • Please contact one of them directly for an appropriate CRN.

Requirements for getting credit

  1. Must attend seminars.
  2. Grad students: Give a 30 minute oral presentation on your research (or a journal club, if not currently in a research group).
  3. Wiki assigment:
    • Must register on OWW and add a link on the People page.
    • Must ask or answer one question on the wiki (see this page) in each calendar month (August, September, October, November).

General Help

Some pages designed to help students become familiar with OpenWetWare.

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