Paul Magnano: Week 12 Individual Journal

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Analyzing and Interpreting STEM Results

  • Profile #9 selected
  • Why did you select this profile? In other words, why was it interesting to you?
    • I selected this profile because it seemed interesting that the genes were immediately down-regulated at the early time points but later up-regulated as time increased. This seemed indicative of some necessary change being made and then corrected as the intended action resulted.
  • How many genes belong to this profile?
    • 170
  • How many genes were expected to belong to this profile?
    • 44
  • What is the p value for the enrichment of genes in this profile?
    • 2.0 E-49
  • How many GO terms are associated with this profile at p value <0.05?
  • How many GO terms are associated with this profile with a corrected p value <0.05?
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