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[[Image:My_streetmap.jpg|frame|605px|Please note that Techwood Dr is closed]]
[[Image:My_streetmap.jpg|605px|left|Please note that Techwood Dr is closed]]
From the South (Airport):
From the South (Airport):

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School of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Georgia Institute of Technology
Molecular Science and Engineering Building
Office: G026 (West Wing)
901 Atlantic Dr.
Atlanta, GA 30332-0400
(404) 385-3125


Please note that Techwood Dr is closed

From the South (Airport): Take I-75/I-85 North to Exit 250 10th Street towards Georgia Tech/Fourteenth Street. Merge onto Williams Street NW. At the light, turn left onto 10th Street NW and procceed to Atlantic Dr NW. The MS&E building will be on the left.

From the North (I-75S): Take Exit 252 for US-41/Northside Dr towards Atlanta. Turn right at Northside Dr NW/US-41. At 10th Street NW, turn left. Turn right on Atlantic Dr NW.

From the North (I-85S): Take Exit 84 towards 17th St/14th St/10th St. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for 17th St. Turn right onto 17th Street NW. At State Street, turn left. Turn left onto 10th St NW and then right onto Atlantic Dr NW.

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