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<p>Grad students Sabiha and Dipesh have officially joined the Payne Lab!</p>

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Grad students Sabiha and Dipesh have officially joined the Payne Lab!


October and November will include a total of 7 Payne Lab talks and 2 posters at Georgia Tech, the regional ACS meeting (SERMACS), and a Nanomaterials conference in Mexico. Come see what's new...

October 22 - Candace gives the student seminar "A molecular snapshot of charged nanoparticles in a cellular environment," at 4pm in MoSE 3201.

November 1 - Candace competes for the big money at the Graduate Student Seminar; Homecoming symposium, 3-5pm, MoSE G011.

November 4 - Alex presents the Molecular Biophysics Research Review, "Nanoparticles at the interface of extracellular space and cells," 12pm, Suddath Room IBB, 1128.

November 14 - Christine talks about the PEDOT:PSS project at the SERMACS meeting in Atlanta. Josh will present a poster at SERMACS, "Tuning bipolaron populations in PEDOT:PSS via biological catalysts" at 10 am in the Exhibit Hall at Loews hotel.

November 15 - Alex and Emilie each present talks at the Nanomaterials conference in Mexico. Alex will discuss, "Nanoparticle-Cell Interactions: Impact of Serum Proteins on MRI Contrast Agents" and Emilie will present "Cellular Binding of Charged Nanoparticles as a Modulator of Membrane Potential."

November 15 - Chelsea presents a poster, "Cellular binding of anionic gold nanoparticles as a function of surface modification," at SERMACS. Candace will give a talk on "Nanoparticle surface charge directs the cellular binding of nanoparticle-protein complexes" in the El-Sayed birthday symposium at 11am in Salon I.


Welcome to our new undergrad, Edward Zhang!


Welcome to our newest grad student, Scott Thourson!


Congrats to Chelsea on winning a PURA fellowship for Fall 2013!

Welcome to our new postdoc, Srikant Iyer!


Welcome to Kerry McGill and Sabiha Runa, our new summer students!


Four new members joined the Payne group: two new postdocs, Alexandra Hill from Germany and Josh Morris from UT Austin, and two new undergrads, Chelsea Thompson and Kaitlyn Willingham. Welcome to the lab!


Check out Christine's New and Notable commentary in Biophysical Journal describing Fluorescent Dendritic Nanoprobes synthesized in the Schroeder Lab at UIUC.


Christine has been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure! We went out to a nice lunch to celebrate the good news and all the hard work put in over the past few years that have helped her make this important advancement in her career. CONGRATULATIONS, CHRISTINE!!


Nicole Thompson, our Faculty Support Coordinator, is getting a big promotion to work with the School of Physics! We had a surprise lunch for her and wished her the best of luck at her new position. Thanks for everything you've done for us Nicole- we're going to miss you!

Candace will present her research at the Georgia Tech Research and Innovation Conference on Feb. 12, 2-3:30pm in the GT Student Center Ballroom, poster board #149.

Deb, Candace and Saheli will be traveling to Philadelphia for the 57th annual meeting of the Biophysical Society Meeting from February 2nd - 6th to present posters:

      --Saheli will present "Downregulation of NRF2 in HeLa Cells by Self-Conditioned Media", #B39 on Feb 4th in Hall C.
      --Deb will present "Lysosome Mobility Probed With Live Cell Imaging and Single Particle Tracking", #B501 on Feb 6th in Hall C.
      --Candace will present "Nanoparticle Surface Charge Directs the Cellular Binding of Nanoparticle-Protein Complexes",
               #S125, on Feb 3rd in the Exhibit Hall; and #B709 on Feb 5th in Hall C.


We took Molly out to lunch on her last day in the lab and wished her well as she starts her first semester in the Nursing program at Georgia State University. Goodbye, Molly!

Previous Years

2012-2007 Collapse
  • 2012

    • November




      We celebrated Joseph's graduation and wished him well as he begins his first "real" job at Medical Neurogenetics.
      Goodbye, Joseph!

      Candace was awarded the Women in Chemistry travel award for the Biophysical Society's Annual Meeting in Philadelphia next February. Congratulations!

    • October

      To celebrate National Chemistry Week, Christine was interviewed by Meg A. Mole (no relation to Whac A. Mole) for the ACS kids newsletter.

      Christine was part of a multidisciplinary panel on science, ethics, and medicine. The panel, HeLa @ Tech: Faculty Panel on Science, Ethics, and Medicine,
      explored a variety of topics related to the ethical responsibilities of researchers.

    • September

      Congratulations to Candace who was named a Molecular Biophysics senior trainee for 2012-2013!
    • August




      The Payne Lab competed in the Brown-Curtis-Payne Potluck Olympics. Deb and Deepali took the gold in the 'Best Substitution' and 'Best Overall' categories!

      Learn about Georgia Tech's BioEngineering Graduate Program !


      We celebrated Jairo's graduation and wished him well as he leaves the lab and moves to Austin. Goodbye, Jairo!

      Welcome to Molly Flanagan, our new Lab Technician!

      Midtown Book Club visits the lab as part of their discussion of "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks." To see more, check out our outreach page !




      Quachel gave her final NNIN talk at Georgia Tech. Her official talk will be webcast from Washington D.C. Her talk is Tuesday Minnesota Session 1 (8:35 AM).

    • June

      Welcome to Ryan Lannan and Quachel Bazile, our new REU students!
    • May

      Rachel Candace Law will be doing summer research in the Payne and Potter (Biomedical Engineering) labs as a LINCR Fellow. Congratulations to Candace on her acceptance into the LINCR program!

    • February

      Candace and Jairo will be presenting posters at the Biophysical Society Annual Meeting in San Diego, Feb. 25-29:
      --Candace's poster: "Cellular Binding and Transport of Protein-Nanoparticle Complexes"; Sunday, Feb. 26; Poster # B775, Hall FGH
      --Jairo's poster: "Intracellular Dynamics of Lysosomes following the destruction of LAMP"; Sunday, Feb. 26; Poster #B843, Hall FGH

      Candace has advanced to candidacy!





      Steve will be part of a discussion panel on Nanomedicine on February 28th at the Georgia Institute of Technology Library.
      Link to Video.

    • January

      Two new undergrads have joined the Payne Lab. Welcome to Patrick and Kelsey!
  • 2011

    • December

      Jairo graduates!
      Umesh Kumar has joined the Payne Lab as a postdoc. Welcome Umesh!
    • October

      After successfully defending his thesis, Chip Humphries becomes Dr. Chip Humphries.
      Eddy Shin, a biochemistry graduate of the University of Georgia, joined the lab as our first Lab Technician. Welcome Eddy!
    • August

      Joseph Kim, a GT undergraduate biochemistry major joined the Payne Lab. Welcome Joseph!
      Christine's DARPA award and the Payne Lab are featured in a GT Sciences Video.
      Steve Hira has joined the Payne Lab as a postdoc. Welcome Steve!
      The Payne Lab's research on single particle tracking of vesicles is featured in the Emerging Investigator issue of the Analyst.
      The Payne lab will be attending and presenting at the ACS National Meeting in Denver, Colorado from August 28th - September 1st:

      --Christine will be presenting Overview of the Advances in Microscopy Symposium for Undergrads on Sunday (time TBD). She will also present Imaging chemical reactions inside living cells: Two-color single particle tracking of the enzymatic degradation of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) (Paper ID 10953) on Monday, August 29th in the session beginning at 8:20 am (Colorado Convention Center, Room 1B, Talk time: 11:40-12:10pm).
      --Ger will be giving a talk on Tuesday, August 30th in the 8:20 am session (Convention Center, Room 4B, Talk time: 9:40-10:00 am); Cellular binding and internalization of nanoparticles in the presence of serum proteins.
      --Candace will be presenting her poster, Imaging cellular internalization of nanoparticles with serum proteins using two-color fluorescence microscopy, on Monday, August 29th from 12-1 pm (Convention Center, Rooms 406/407) and on Wednesday, August 31st from 6-9 pm (Convention Center, Hall D, Poster #12038).
      --Khalilah Reddie our collaborator from the Murthy lab at Georgia Tech, will also be presenting her poster on Monday, August 29th from 12-1pm, Aromatic Thiols: A New Family of Probes for Reversible Ratiometric Imaging of Thiols and Disulfides in Living Cells, (Convention Center, Rooms 406/407).




      Congratulations to Candace on her GAANN Fellowship for 2011-2012!

      Syeda presented her research at the REU poster session.

    • July

      Christine received a DARPA Young Faculty Award.
      Congratulations to Hursh on his President's Undergraduate Research Award (PURA) for Fall 2011!
    • June

      Congratulations to Chip who now has a "real job" at B&B Microscopes in Pittsburgh!
      Joseph Bell, a physics major at Morehouse College, will be doing research in the Payne Lab this summer. Welcome Joseph!
    • May

      Syeda Anum, a biochemistry major from Northeastern University, has joined the Payne Lab as an NSF-REU student. Welcome Syeda!
    • April

      Saheli Sarkar joined the Payne and Kemp Labs!
    • March

      The Payne Lab will attend the Biophysical Society Annual Meeting in Baltimore, MD March 5-9, 2011. Following are details for our presentations:

      Ger's poster, #1719, will be presented as part of the Imaging and Optical Microscopy II poster session March 7th at 1:45 in position B629. It is titled "Cellular Binding of Nanoparticles in the Presence of Serum Proteins".
      Craig will present "Dynamic Behavior of Intracellular Vesicles Probed with Two-Color Single Particle Tracking" as part of the Intracellular Cargo Transport poster session on March 9th at 10:30. His poster, #3251, can be found at board B356.
      Chip's poster, "Investigation of Lysosomes as Enzyme Storage Vesicles using Single Particle Tracking Fluorescence Microscopy", will be presented as part of the Imaging and Optical Microscopy III poster session on March 9th at 10:30. His poster, #3339, will be on board B444. He will also be presenting as part of the Student Research Achievement Award Poster Competition on Sunday night at 6pm, board #S164.

    • February

      Jairo passed his Naturalization Examination to become an American citizen!

      Jairo downs his very first American burger.
    • January

      Two new undergraduates, Jessica and Hursh, join the Payne Lab.
      Christine was featured as an "Emerging Investigator" in Chemical Communications.
  • 2010

    • December

      The annual Payne-Brown-Curtis Lab Christmas Party was a great success.

      Candace opens a grab bag gift.
    • November

      Chip presented a poster at the Second Academia/Industry Forum at Kennesaw State University. This was sponsored by the Georgia Section of the American Chemical Society and Kennesaw State University.

    • August

      Congratulations to Candace on being named a Molecular Biophysics trainee!
    • July

      Candace joins the Payne Lab.
    • April

      Congrats to Jairo and Heather on winning PURA fellowships for Summer 2010!
      Dr. Gerard Doorley joins the Payne Lab.

      Update on Past Members:
      --Solaire will be attending the University of Minnesota to pursue a Ph.D. in Chemistry.
      --Nicole, now at UC Berkeley, received an NSF Graduate Fellowship. Congratulations!
      --Jenna has joined the O'Brien Lab at the University of Michigan.

    • March

      The Payne Lab hosted a number of visitors from local high schools. Please see our Outreach page for photos.
    • February

      Chip presented a poster at the Biophysical Society Annual Meeting in San Francisco. His poster was titled ''Late Endosomal Degradation of Low-Density Lipoprotein Probed with Multi-Color Single Particle Tracking Fluorescence Microscopy.''

      Chip won a student travel grant from the Georgia Tech Research and Innovation Conference. Congrats to Chip!.
    • January

      Heather joined the Payne Lab.
  • 2009

    • December

      At the Georgia Tech Holiday Party, Chip won a Chemmy for the "Best Actor Portraying Chip"! The Payne Lab submitted this video as part of the holiday activities.

    • November

      Jairo received a President’s Undergraduate Research Award for Spring 2010. Great job, Jairo!

      Don won a Young Investigator Award for his poster presentation at the Society for Free Radical Biology and Medicine annual meeting in San Francisco!

      Chip was awarded a 2010 Student Travel Award from the Biophysical Society to attend the 54th Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA.

    • October

      As part of National Chemistry Week, the Payne Lab was featured on Georgia Tech's radio station, WREK, as part of Inside the Black Box's program "Chemistry - It's Elemental".

      Chip earned third place in the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry's Graduate Research Symposium with his oral presentation, “Late Endosomal Degradation of Low-Density Lipoprotein Probed with Two-Color Fluorescence Microscopy”.

    • September

      Congratulations to CKP for being named a recipient of the 2009 NIH Director’s Young Innovator award.

      Jairo and Chip's proposal to the Georgia Tech Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program was funded! This will provide funding for Jairo's automation of Chip's image analysis.

      Craig joined the group as a post-doc after completing his Ph.D. with Prof. Jason McNeill at Clemson.

      Amy was named a Georgia Tech Molecular Biophysics Trainee for 2009-2010. This award includes a salary supplement and a chance to give a Molecular Biophysics seminar. Only two awards were made this year. Congrats Amy!

      The Brown, Curtis, and Payne labs hosted first-year students from Physics, Chemistry, and Computational Science & Engineering for an open house. Open House Flyer

      Jairo, Josh and Paul joined the Payne Lab.

    • July

      Solaire participated in the REU poster session and research symposium before returning to Minnesota for her senior year of college. We wish her luck!
    • June

      The Payne Lab went to Chip's Wedding.

    • May

      Solaire joined the Payne Lab as a summer REU student.

      Kevin and Mindi gradutate! Mindi has completed her Masters and is looking forward to becoming a high school teacher. Kevin earned his B.S. in Chemistry and is looking to continue his education in a MD/PhD program.

      Kevin and Mindi enjoy the celebration.
    • April

      Kevin was awarded Best Oral Presentation in the College of Sciences at the 2009 Undergraduate Research Spring Symposium!

      Kevin and Georgia Tech President Bud Peterson.
    • March

      Amy and Chip presented posters at the Biophysical Society Meeting in Boston, MA:

      Amy's poster was number B50 and is titled Non-Invasive Pyrenebutyrate-mediated Delivery of Quantum Dots to the Cytosol of Living Cells.
      Chip's poster was number B57 and is titled Probing the Intracellular Degradation of Low Density Lipoprotein Using Single Particle Tracking Fluorescence Microscopy.

    • January

      Amy's paper "Pyrenebutyrate-Mediated Delivery of Quantum Dots across the Plasma Membrane of Living Cells" was published in the 113th volume of The Journal of Physical Chemistry B.

      Ashlee was awarded a Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies award to work on "Delivery of nanomaterials across the blood-brain barrier: Three-dimensional tracking of transcytosis" at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

  • 2008

    • November

      Aaron and Emily joined the Payne Lab.
      Kevin won a PURA fellowship!
    • August

      Kevin joined the Payne Lab.
    • July

      Dr. Ashlee St John joined the Payne Lab as our first Post-Doc.
      Mindi was named a Georgia Tech Molecular Biophysics Trainee for 2008-2009.
    • May

      Jenna joined the lab as an REU student for the summer, Nicole heads off to the University of California at Berkeley for graduate school, the Payne lab went to dinner to welcome Jesse and Jenna and to say 'goodbye' to Nicole.

      Nicole graduated with a B.S in Biology and a B.S. in Biochemistry with highest honors.

      Amy was awarded a Center for Drug Design, Development and Delivery GAANN fellowship for the 2008-2009 academic year.

    • April

      Nicole was awarded the Williams-Walls Award. This is an award given to a graduating woman in the life sciences at Georgia Tech with an outstanding academic record and who has plans to continue her education at the graduate level.

      Payne Lab research was highlighted in Drug Discovery and Design Magazine (link).

    • March

      Nicole was named the College of Sciences Top Undergraduate Researcher!

      Jesse won a PURA fellowship!

      Christine traveled to Tunisia for the 1st North Africa-USA Regional Workshop on Nanostructured Materials and Nanotechnology (link).

    • February

      Jesse joined the Payne Lab.
      Christine traveled to the 52nd Annual Biophysical Society Meeting in Long Beach, California (link).
    • January

      Christine was awarded an ACS PROGRESS/Dreyfus Lectureship.
  • 2007

    • November

      Mindi and Amy joined the Payne Lab.

    • July

      Christine won a NIH Research Scholar Development Award.
      Chip was named a Georgia Tech Molecular Biophysics Trainee for 2007-2008.
    • May

      Nicole won PURA and Merck fellowships.
      Payne Lab complete.