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'''Chip Humprhies''' ''(Fall 06 - Summer 11, Graduate Student)''<br>
'''Chip Humprhies''' ''(Fall 06 - Summer 11, Graduate Student)''<br>
Chip is currently a Microscopy and Imaging Specialist for [ B&B Microscopes].<br>
'''Ashlee St. John Iyer''' ''(Summer 08 - Fall 09, Postdoc)''<br>
'''Ashlee St. John Iyer''' ''(Summer 08 - Fall 09, Postdoc)''<br>

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The Lab of Payne

June, 2011. From left to right, Front Row: Saheli, Chip, CKP, Candace, Syeda. Back Row: Craig, Jairo, Ger, Joshua.

Principal Investigator

Christine K. Payne Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Christine received an S.B. in Chemistry with Honors from the University of Chicago and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley.

Post Docs

Saheli Sarkar
Saheli earned her Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University and her M.S. from Drexel University. While at Case Western, Saheli worked in the group of Prof. Harihara Baskaran on the migration of cancer and stromal cells in microfabricated platforms. At Georgia Tech, Saheli is doing a joint post-doc with the Payne and Kemp labs, and will be studying Thioredoxin-ASK1 dynamics in redox signaling.
Gerard Doorley
Ger earned a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland under the supervision of Prof. John M. Kelly. During his Ph.D., Ger studied ultrafast relaxation dynamics in DNA systems using ps-TRIR spectroscopy and worked on the development of bimodal nanoparticles. Ger earned a B.A. (Mod.) in Chemistry from Trinity College Dublin.

Steven Hira
Information coming soon!

Graduate Students

Candace Fleischer
Candace earned her M.S. and B.S. in Chemistry from Western Washington University. In the Payne Lab, she is studying nanoparticle-protein interactions.

Undergraduate Students

Jairo Zapata
Jairo is a 5th year Biochemistry major. He has developed automated methods for image analysis and is now studying the enzymatic degradation of intracellular proteins.
Joshua Liu
Joshua is a 4th year Mathematics major. He is analyzing the degradation of extracellular cargo.

Hursh Sureka
Hursh is a 2nd year Chemical Engineering major who is working on new methods to label proteins in live cells.

Past Students

Syeda Anum (Summer 11, REU from Northeastern University)
Syeda is completing her final year at Northeastern.

Nicole Fay (Spring 07 - Spring 08, GT undergraduate)
Nicole is a NSF Graduate Fellow in the Chemical Biology Graduate Program at the University of California, Berkeley in the lab of Prof. Jay Groves.

Solaire Finkenstaedt-Quinn (Summer 09, REU from Macalester University)
Solaire is a Ph.D. student in Chemistry at the University of Minnesota in the lab of Prof. Christy Haynes.

Kevin Hardin (Fall 08 - Spring 09, GT undergraduate)

Jesse Haulk (Spring 08 - Summer 08, GT undergraduate)

Chip Humprhies (Fall 06 - Summer 11, Graduate Student)
Chip is currently a Microscopy and Imaging Specialist for B&B Microscopes.

Ashlee St. John Iyer (Summer 08 - Fall 09, Postdoc)

H. Cori Jekot (Spring 10 - Fall 10, GT undergraduate)
Cori will be a first year medical student at the Medical College of Georgia beginning in Fall, 2011.

Don-Ricardo Miller (Spring 09 - Summer 10, Postdoc)

Jessica Obermiller (Spring 11, GT undergraduate)

Melinda Ogden (Fall 07 - Spring 09, M.S.)

Paul Park (Spring 10, GT undergraduate)

Katelyn Snider (Summer 10, High School Student)

Craig Szymanski (Fall 09 - Summer 11, Postdoc)
Currently a postdoc at PNNL.

Jenna Tomlinson (Summer 08, REU from Grand Valley State University)
Jenna is a Ph.D. student in the Program in Biomedical Science at the University of Michigan Medical School in the lab of Prof. Pat O'Brien.

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