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==Physical Chemistry Seminars==
==Physical Chemistry Divisional Seminars==
[[Media:Pchem_Seminars_Fall09.pdf | Seminar Schedule]]
[[Media:Pchem_Seminars_Fall09.pdf | Seminar Schedule]]

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Molecular Biophysics Research Review

Researchers from Chemistry & Biochemistry, Physics, Biology, Applied Physiology, Biomedical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering meet weekly to discuss recent results. Meetings are at noon in MS&E 1224. Everyone is invited to attend. Bring a bag lunch. More information about the Molecular Biophysics program at Georgia Tech can be found at Molecular Biophysics

Colloid & Soft Matter Bag Lunch

Colloid and Soft Matter researchers from Georgia Tech and Emory meet once a month on Wednesday, 12:15 - 1:45 p.m., in MS&E 3201A.

Biochemistry Journal Club

Biochemists, biophysical chemists, and bio-organic chemists meets every other Friday, 12 pm, in MS&E 1224. Students take turns presenting recent papers in bio-related fields.

Physical Chemistry Divisional Seminars

Seminar Schedule

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