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'''RNA work'''
'''RNA work'''
RNeasy kit extraction [[media:RNeasy_plant.pdf| (PDF)]]
Trizol extraction [[media:TRIZOL.pdf| (PDF)]]
Trizol extraction [[media:TRIZOL.pdf| (PDF)]]

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Miniprep using Promega reagents but not the columns

MS plates for plant growth

Eleven Golden Rules of qRT-PCR (Uvardi et al.)

RNA work

RNeasy kit extraction (PDF)

Trizol extraction (PDF)

RNA gels (PDF)



Electrophoresis Buffers

Loading Dye and 1kb Ladder

PCR taq, buffer and MgCl2

Lab Safety

Pecinka lab safety

Lab Tasks

Scripts, instructions and miscellaneous

Analyzing luminiscence over time with ImageJ

HALLE 14 growth chambers

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