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==Related Blog Post==
==Related Blog Post==
==2011 Coin Toss Results==
[ Google Spreadsheet]
==Agenda for Lecture (items will be continued next week)==
==Agenda for Lecture (items will be continued next week)==

Current revision

2007 Week 4 notes


Related Blog Post

2011 Coin Toss Results

Google Spreadsheet

Agenda for Lecture (items will be continued next week)

  1. Note about O-scope labs
    • Example Shannon
    • Emailing me when you're ready is essential!
  2. Note about labs this week and next (Lab Signup Page)
    • You can create your own lab if you have ideas!
  3. Group Exercise -- Coin Toss
  4. Introduction to terminology
  5. Mean +/- error
  6. Probability density function
  7. Histogram (maybe use height distribution)?
  8. Normal Distribution
  9. Central Limit Theorem

Agenda for Labs

  1. Spend about 2 hours figuring out how to set up the equipment and planning out the experiments. Record your goals for the experiments in your lab notebook.
    • Do not start the experiment until you've had your safety quiz!
  2. Partnering up is not required, but is permitted this week.
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