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Basic Protocol

  • Get sample from almost any source
  • Extraction (both methods use Folch reagent [2:1 chloroform:methanol])
    • use Kaluzne method
    • trying to implement Bligh & Dyer (gold standard)
    • MTBE Extraction [1]
  • Mass Spectrometry
    • ESI-Agilent TOF
    • Tandem MS-Q-Star (8-10am)
  • Analysis
    • LipidXplorer
    • PCA analysis in R
      • Latest is to use the intensities reported by LipidXplorer in R.

For Running Lipid Standards:

  • SOLVENT: chloroform:methanol:2-propanol (2:1:1, v/v/v)
  • IONIZATION AID: 18 mM ammonium acetate

Main analytes are phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylethanolamine. Analytes in (-) mode would be phosphatidylserines and phosphatidylethanolamines (which are expected to have stronger signal in - mode). Typical number of analytes?

FAME-GC associated with Craig Thulin and UVU.



Lipidomics and lipid profiling in metabolomics. [2]

Lipidomics: coming to grips with lipid diversity, Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology, 11, 593–598 (1 August 2010).

Membrane lipid composition. [3]

Lipid rafts. [4]

Mass Spectrometry

Practical essentials of ESI.* [5]

Solid tutorial review on mass spec "-omics."* [6]

General approaches to lipidomics. [7]

Recent advances (2011) in MS lipidomics. [8]

Advances is mass spectrometry lipidomics. [9]

Specific lipid classes and MS. [10]

Basics of ESI and ESI intrasource separation shotgun lipidomics.** [11] [12]

Factors influencing ESI intrasource separation. [13]

  • Sample preparation for intrasource separation.** [14] [15]

Multiple precursor ion and neutral loss scanning with data-dependent acquisition. [16]

Top-down lipidomic strategy.** [17]

Top-down lipidomic analysis of blood plasma.* [18]

Quantitative shotgun yeast lipidomics. [19] [20]

Quantitative shotgun membrane lipidomics, including glycosphingolipids. [21]

LTQ Orbitrap shotgun lipidomics. [22]

Tandem Mass Spectrometry

Membrane lipids. [23]

Phospholipids [24] [25]

Sphingolipids [26]

Glycosphingolipids [27]


Informatics and computational strategies for the study of lipids. [28]

Computational lipidomics. [29]

Chemometrics for Metabonomics. [30] [31]

LipidXplorer: open-source lipid identification and quantification software. [32]

  • LipidXplorer wiki. [33]

PCA package. [34]

K-OPLS package. [35]

S-plot. [36]

Special Journal Issues on Lipidomics

Journal of Chromatography B, Volume 877, Issue 26. [37]

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European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology, Volume 111, Issue 1. [39]

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Signalling Lipids and Lipidomics

Lipid rafts and GPCRs. [40]

Eicosanoid biology. [41]

Sphingolipid signalling. [42]

Lipid mediators in health and disease. [43]

Lipid mediators for inflammation resolution. [44]

Eicosanoid lipidomics. [45]

Bioactive lipidomics. [46]

Lipid mediator informatics-lipidomics. [47]

Mediator lipidomics. [48]

LC/MS Lipidomics

HPLC/MS of complex lipidomes. [49]

UPLC/MS of complex lipidomes. [50]


Mackay, 12/28/2011, with PE standard is solvent with ammonium acetate using positive-ion mode:

  • CID produced only ammonia losses for any normalized collision energy.
  • HCD produced ethanolamine losses; nCE at 35% was sufficient. At an isolation window of 1 amu, no fragments were isolated; at 1.5 amu fragments were isolated but spectra were noisy; at 2 amu, fragments were isolated with little noise; at 3 amu, fragments were isolated with no noise.

Group Members


  • Mackay Merrill
  • Landon Weist
  • Rob Roden
  • Greg Jackson
  • Matthew Linford
  • Craig Thulin
  • Steven Wood
  • John Prince

Former or Associated

  • Jennifer MacDonald
  • Jonathan Lee
  • Vinod Chaudhary
  • Steven Herron
  • Mary Blackburn
  • Daniel Edmondson

Relevant Publications

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  1. Error fetching PMID 19935646: [P1]
    This has a great protocol for negative ion mode extraction and analysis on the Orbitrap.

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