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the quint lab is part of the department of molecular signal processing at the leibniz institute of plant biochemistry in halle (saale), germany. 5 keywords to describe our major research interests:
- auxin
- natural variation
- molecular evolution
- genomics/transcriptomics
- quantitative genetics

selected recent publications:

Janitza P, Ullrich KK, Quint M (2012) Toward a comprehensive phylogenetic reconstruction of the evolutionary history of mitogen-activated protein kinases in the plant kingdom. Frontiers in Plant Science 3:271 (open access).

Quint M, Drost H-G, Gabel A, Ullrich KK, Boenn M, Grosse I (2012) A transcriptomic hourglass in plant embryogenesis. Nature 490:98-101; cover; Faculty of 1000 recommended

Delker C, Quint M (2011) Expression level polymorphisms: heritable traits shaping natural variation. Trends in Plant Science 9:481-488.

Schumann N, Navarro-Quezada AR, Ullrich K, Kuhl C, Quint M (2011) Molecular Evolution and Selection Patterns of Plant F-box Proteins with C-terminal Kelch Repeats. Plant Physiology 155:835-850 (open access).

Delker C, Pöschl Y, Raschke A, Ullrich K, Ettingshausen S, Hauptmann V, Grosse I, Quint M (2010) Natural variation of transcriptional auxin response networks in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Cell 22:2184-2200 (open access).

Quint M, Barkawi LS, Fan K-T, Cohen JD, Gray WM (2009) Arabidopsis IAR4 modulates auxin response by regulating auxin homeostasis. Plant Physiology 150:748-758 (open access).

Zhang W, Ito H, Quint M, Huang H, Noël LD, Gray WM (2008) Genetic analysis of CAND1-CUL1 interactions in Arabidopsis supports a role for CAND1-mediated cycling of the SCFTIR1 complex. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 105:8470-8475 (open access).

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