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seminars - department of molecular signal processing

weekly research discussion: thursdays 9:00 a.m. (phytotechnikum)
journal club: tuesdays, 12:15 p.m. (phytotechnikum)

if you are unable to present at your assigned date, find somebody to switch and let me (marcel) know!

datum research discussion journal club paper
January 13 volunteers?
January 18 Doug Grubb A Bacterium That Can Grow by Using Arsenic Instead of Phosphorus (Science, 2010)
January 20 Jens Müller
January 25 Fred Junghans Robust multicellular computing using genetically encoded NOR gates and chemical wires (Nature, 2011)
January 27 Carolin Delker
February 1 Jakub Kopycki Amyloid-like Aggregates Sequester Numerous Metastable Proteins with Essential Cellular Functions (Cell 2011)
February 3 Fred Junghans
February 8 Anja Raschke Timing of plant immune responses by a central circadian regulator (nature 2011)
February 10 Luz Irina A.V. Calderon
February 15 Jens Müller
February 17 Dinesh Dhurvas Chandrasekaran
February 22 Nadine Schumann Human Tears Contain a Chemosignal (Science 2011)
February 24 Nadine Schumann
March 1 Jana Müglitz LysM-type mycorrhizal receptor recruited for rhizobium symbiosis in nonlegume Parasponia (Science 331:865)
March 3 Jakub Kopycki
March 8 Dinesh Dhurvas Chandrasekaran Consequences of climate change on the tree of life in Europe (Nature).
March 10 Kristian Ullrich
March 15 group internal JCs
Antje Hellmuth
The Arabidopsis Cell Cycle F-Box Protein SKP2A Binds to Auxin (Plant Cell 2010)
March 17 Silke Richter
March 22 Kristian Ullrich (mq) Human-specific loss of regulatory DNA and the evolution of human-specific traits (Nature 2011)
March 24 Jana Müglitz
March 29 group internal JCs
Carolin Delker
The AFB4 Auxin Receptor Is a Negative Regulator of Auxin Signaling in Seedlings (Current biol 2011)
March 31 Doug Grubb
April 5 Katharina Bürstenbinder (lia) An siRNA pathway prevents transgenerational retrotransposition in plants subjected to stress (nature 2011)
April 7 Nina Dombrowski
April 12 group internal JCs
Anja Raschke
Light-mediated polarization of the PIN3 auxin transporter for the phototropic response in Arabidopsis (nature cell biology 2011)
April 14 Antje Hellmuth
April 19 Silke Richter (dg) In vitro production of functional sperm in cultured neonatal mouse testes (nature 2011)
April 21 Katharina Bürstenbinder
April 26 group internal JCs
Dinesh Dhurvas Chandrasekaran
Auxin triggers a genetic switch (nature cell biology 2011)
April 28 Theresa Toev
May 3 Nina Dombrowski (mq)
May 5 Anja Raschke
May 10 group internal JCs
Nadine Schumann
May 12 jens müller
May 17 Carolin Delker (lia)
May 19 Jana Müglitz
May 24 group internal JCs
Nina Dombrowski
May 26 Carolin Delker
May 31 Antje Hellmuth (cw)
June 2 Dinesh Dhurvas Chandrasekaran
June 5 group internal JCs
Jana Müglitz
June 9 Nadine Schumann
June 14 Theresa Toev (dg)
June 16 Jakub Kopycki
June 21 group internal JCs
June 23 Kristian Ullrich
June 28 Jakub Kopycki
June 30 Silke Richter
July 5 group internal JCs
July 7 Nina Dombrowski
July 12 Jörg Ziegler
July 14 Antje Hellmuth
July 19 group internal JCs
July 21 Sebastian Becker + Philipp Janitza
July 26 Jens Müller
July 28 Katharina Bürstenbinder
August 2 group internal JCs
August 4 Theresa Toev
August 9 Nadine Schumann
August 11 Anja Raschke
August 16 group internal JCs
August 18 Selma Gago Zachert
August 23 Dinesh Dhurvas Chandrasekaran
August 25 Kalidoss Ramamoorthy
August 30 group internal JCs
September 1 Jörg Ziegler
September 6 Anja Raschke
September 8 Elisabeth Wieduwild + Janine Teller
September 13 group internal JCs
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