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"Freakin' ''NINJAS''!"-Amy (3:21pm 7/20/10)<br><br> "Hey! Ninjas are sketch" -Christoph (3:22pm 7/20/10)
"Freakin' ''NINJAS''!"-Amy (3:21pm 7/20/10)<br><br> "Hey! Ninjas are sketch" -Christoph (3:22pm 7/20/10)
"ORGO" -
"ORGO" -<br>
"Pandas are stupid"<br>

Current revision

"I love the feeling in your fingers after a long vortex." -Conor (6/11/10 4:03pm)

"Make it work." -Tim (6/11/10 2:17pm)

"Theoretically, this is all correct" -Christoph (5:40, 14 June 2010)

"Just see how it smells..." -Christoph, to a naive Amy, holding chloroform in her hand (4:03, 17 June 2010)

"It's like trying to reverse engineer a space shuttle when you're a caveman. You gotta start with rocks!" -Tim, when talking about trying to engineer mammalian cells as opposed to choanos. (5:06pm, 21 June 2010)

"It's not cheating if everybody's doing it" -Christoph when using a dictionary while playing online scrabble

"Wait! I thought I already miniprepped these! No, I miniprepped them in my dream..." -Amy (10:56 7/7/10)

"Freakin' NINJAS!"-Amy (3:21pm 7/20/10)

"Hey! Ninjas are sketch" -Christoph (3:22pm 7/20/10)

"ORGO" -
"Pandas are stupid"

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