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Rainey Lab Group Meetings

Winter 2013

Date Presenter(s) Description Location Time
Thurs Jan 31Kyung/adiResearch Update/interesting topicMicro library11:30-1
Thurs Feb 7Nigel/MarieResearch Update/interesting topicsMicro library11:30-1
Thurs Feb 14In floridaNo Meeting--
Thurs Feb 21In floridaNo Meeting--
Thurs Feb 28adi/Ling/JanMini Journal clubMicro library11:30-1
Thurs March 7MarieFlorida updateMicro library11:30-1
Thurs March 14Muzaddid/LingResearch update/interesting topicsMicro library11:30-1
Thurs March 21adi/kyungResearch update/interesting topicsMicro library11:30-1
Thurs March 28Sara/Ellie/Samhonours talk/Research and technique talkMicro library11:30-1
Thurs April 4Marie/kyung/MuzaddidMini journal clubMicro library11:30-1
Thurs April 11Marie/NigelResearch update/interesting topicMicro library11:30-1
Thurs april 18Ling/MuzaddidResearch update/interesting topicMicro library11:30-1
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