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Rainey Lab Group Meetings

Fall 2012

Date Presenter(s) Description Location Time
Wed Sept 19Sara/KathleenStudent presentationsRose Room3:30-5 pm
Mon Sept 24Marie/Adi/LinglingMini Journal ClubRose Room11-12:30 pm
Wed Oct 3MikeNMR courseRose Room2-3:30 pm
Wed of oct 10Adi/KyungResearch update/interesting topicRose Room2-3:30 pm
Wed Oct 17Marie/Nigel/Kyung/Lingling/AdiConference poster/talk criticRose Room12-1:30
Wed Oct 26MikeNMR courseRose Room2-3:30 pm
Wed Oct 31Nigel/MarieResearch update/TROSY pulse sequenceRose Room2-3:30pm
Mon Nov 5MohammedGroup talk11-12:30 pm
Wed Nov 14Lingling/KyungResearch update/Practice talk2-3:30 pm
Mon Nov 19Adi/MuzaddidResearch update/interesting topicRose Room11-12:30 pm
Mon Nov 26Marie/NigelResearch update/interesting topicRose Room11-12:30 pm
Mon Dec 3Muzaddid/LinglingResearch update/interesting topicRose Room11-12:30 pm
Mon Dec 10Jan/Kyung/Nigel/adiMini Journal ClubRose Room11-12:30 pm
Mon Dec 17EveryoneGift exchange??Rose room11-12:30pm
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