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Scope of the presentation (provisional)

Biological Engineering

  • building novel biological systems from interchangeable and standardized parts.
  • Biobricks
  • The Registry of Standardized Biological Parts.

Modelling Biological Systems

  • Use of modelling in engineering and life science.
  • Current Practices
  • Current Issues

Registry of BioBrick Models

  • Motivations
  • Expected Services from the Registry

Open issues

  • What type of models should be targeted (kinetic description, qualitative description ...) ?
  • What is a standardized model ? What is the right level of abstraction of a model ?
  • Link with the existing biological description languages (SBML, CellML, ...) ?
  • Link with the existing model repositories (SBML, CellML, Biomodels) ?
  • Minimal information needed to describe a SBM (see MIRIAM initiative), Annotation and curation ?
  • Type of services expected from the RoSBM ?
  • Connectivity with the other registries (Parts registry and others in the future) ?
  • Tools which could benefit from such a model registry ?
  • Project management: private implementation, open source project, release of a standard, guidelines ...
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