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OpenWetWare:Reviews is an experiment in providing always up-to-date scientific reviews. When a new publication comes out it can be easily incorporated into the review by OWW editors. This should be a win-win for both the review-writer (less work) and the readers (who get a more up-to-date resource). We'll be trying reviews with a 'curator' (as discussed for consensus protocols) as well as ones without.

Next steps

  1. Make a list of available reviews in PLoS and BMC (are there other OA sources that allow derivative works?).
  2. Wikify existing OA reviews
  3. Try and get the original author (or someone expert in the topic area) to be the curator for a few of the articles.
    • Leave some of the articles curator-free as a trial, still not clear if you want/need a curator.

Wikify existing Reviews

  • At the moment it looks like we should find good reviews in PLoS and BMC, as they are the only journals that allow derivative works. If there is a review in a journal where the author retains copyright, then we can ask the author to release a pre-print version under a CC license and that should work too. (see the talk page)
  • This search is just for PLoS and BMC, if you are logged into MyNCBI, you should be able to add a filter for 'Review'.



Curators wanted

  • Jasonk 11:37, 6 March 2007 (EST): Anyone interested in being a curator for a review in their field of expertise? I can't promise you scientific rewards yet, but I suspect this will become an accepted form of merit down the line ;)


  • List of OA journals from PMC. Any article from any of these should be licensed properly.
  • Is there an easy way to search only OA journals?
    1. use MyNCBI, and select PMC from the Search drop-down box. Search for a term, then you should be able to click the 'tools' icon next to the results tab to add 'Open Access' filter.
    2. do a search for "open access"[Filter] AND YourSeachTerm in PMC.

Online Discussion of Wiki Reviews

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