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List reagents, supplies and equipment necessary to perform the protocol here.  For those materials which have their own OWW pages, link to that page.  Alternatively, links to the suppliers' page on that material are also appropriate.
*supply 1 (i.e. tubes of a certain size? spreaders?)
*2000 mL flask
*reagent 1
*acetone (in flammables cabinet below fume hood in room 113B)
*X μL reagent 2
*5 glass jars
**component A (reagent 2 is made up of multiple components)
**component B
*pH paper
*equipment 1
*concentrated sulfuric acid
*equipment 2
*top-loading balance (1 decimal place)
*ANKOM Daisy incubator and jars
*analytical balance
*drying oven at 105oC
*zip-loc bags with dessicant pouches (recently recharged at 105oC)
*hazardous waste containers

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Replace this sentence with a brief description of the protocol and its goal.


  • 2000 mL flask
  • acetone (in flammables cabinet below fume hood in room 113B)
  • 5 glass jars
  • microwave
  • pH paper
  • concentrated sulfuric acid
  • top-loading balance (1 decimal place)
  • ANKOM Daisy incubator and jars
  • analytical balance
  • drying oven at 105oC
  • dessicator
  • zip-loc bags with dessicant pouches (recently recharged at 105oC)
  • hazardous waste containers


  1. Step 1
  2. Step 2
    • Step 2 has some additional information that goes with it. i.e. Keep at 4°C.
  3. Step 3
    1. Step 3 has multiple sub-steps within it.
    2. Enumerate each of those.


  • ALWAYS add acid to water and work in fume hood when making 72% sulfuric acid


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  • Who has experience with this protocol?

or instead, discuss this protocol.

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