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!width="350"|Information extracted
!width="350"|Information extracted
!width="75"|type of silage (grass, grain, additives)
!width="75"|type of silage (grass, grain, additives)

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Reference Information extracted type of silage (grass, grain, additives) output data (gas emissions)
Porter, M. G. , Murray, R. S. 2001. The volatility of components of grass silage on oven drying and the inter-relationship between dry-matter content estimated by different analytical methods Grass and Forage Science 56 (4), 405–411. Upon oven drying some grass dry matter is volatilized. True DM (dry matter) content is one that's corrected for the volatilization amount, based on volatilization coefficients. This study can be used to learn of the main VOC (volatile organic acids) that are emitted from grass silages, and the relative proportions in which they are emitted. The table below shows the grass silage's content in ammonia, alcohols, and 4 volatile acids. The main silage component was perennial ryegrass stocks (lower stems).
volatile compound g / kg fresh silage % out of fresh silage content in VOC
lactic acid 23.390 76.493
acetic acid 3.690 12.068
total alcohols 2.400 7.849
ammonia 0.498 1.628
n-butyric acid 0.400 1.308
propionic acid 0.200 0.654

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