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This page is a compilation of usefull resources for lab members including: sundry internet resources, lab safety information, and purchasing info. If you find something confusing, don't hesitate to excercise your scientific mind and ask questions.

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The Richard Lab on the Web

  • Well you're here so thats the first step.
  • If you're new to the lab then please open an openwetware account so that you can add yourself to our website and edit protocols etc.
    • If you want help programming wiki-code then ask anyone else in the lab and they will be happy to assist.
  • Also if you want to order genetic parts from the Parts Registry then you need to join the Richard Lab on the parts registry. To do this you should take the following actions:
  1. Create a Parts registry/iGEM account
  2. Ask Dr. Richard complete the following actions (It will probably be best if you email him these directions):
    1. Log in to the Parts Registry
    2. On the Registry main page click on "users & groups"
    3. Click on your group name
    4. Click "edit" above the membership box
    5. Click "add a new member"
    6. Enter the first three letters of the lab member's name and choose from the list (the lab member must have a user account first)
  3. Send parts requests to

Lab Safety

Chemical Safety Training (initial)

All group members are required to complete general chemical safety training offered by Environmental Healthy & Safety. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to online course registration
  • Login with your Penn State ID and view the list of courses
  • Go to Chemical Safety
  • Go to Chemical and Hazardous Waste Handling (Initial)
  • Choose a class and click Enroll
  • After you attend the class, give your signed training form to Megan

Chemical Safety Training (refresher)

Each group member must update their chemical safety training annually after completion of the initial course. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to online course registration.
  • Login with your Penn State ID and view the list of courses.
  • Go to Chemical Safety.
  • Go to Chemical and Hazardous Waste Handling (Refresher).
  • Download and read the refresher training manual.
  • Choose 'Complete' on the EH&S website.
  • Print and fill out the last page of the refresher manual and give to Megan.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Purchasing Info

There are 2 main choices for purchasing project supplies:

  • First choice
    • Download blank order form
    • Fill out and save form (rename file in following format 'Your Name_Date')
    • E-mail completed form to Megan
  • Second choice
    • Buy supplies at VWR stockroom located in 125 Chemistry Building
      • They have things like labware, common reagents, liquid nitrigen, and qiagen kits.
      • They also have a fairly large selection of New England Biolabs enzymes.
      • Mike keeps a current list of everything they stock, and they can order other stuff quickly.
    • Turn receipt in to Megan

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