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Lab Meetings

Lab Business (~15 minutes) Data update (~30 minutes) Journal Club (~45 minutes) Mini Group Meeting will Immediate follow Lab Meeting

Rules for J.C. and peer review. J.C. -> you select the paper and distribute it to the group 1 week in advance Peer Review -> you distribute copies (e or paper) to the group 1 week in advance

  • 25-May-06
    • safety, lab organization, lab responsibilities
    • (no journal club today to allow for more time for rylie)
    • mini group: NASA Sue, Carmen
  • 1-Jun-06
    • lunch out, Amanda's first day
    • mini group: listeria Sue, John, Catherine, Amanda
  • 8-Jun-06
    • Sue, listeria model
    • j.c. Sabrina
    • mini group: NASA Sue, Carmen
  • 15-Jun-06
    • John, summer materials proposal
    • j.c. = Meghan ( Patel, A.B., de Graaf, R.A., Martin, D. L., Battaglioli, G., Behar, K. (2006) Evidence that GAD65 mediates increased GABA synthesis during intense neuronal activity in vivo. J Neurochem. 97: 385-396.)
    • minigroup = cell surfaces Sabrina, Meghan, John
  • 22-Jun-06
    • Sabrina, plan of action for bioinspired neuronal materials
    • no j.c. to allow more time for sabrina
    • mini group - listeria Sue, John, Catherine, Amanda
  • 29-Jun-06
    • lab … review Amanda's poster
    • Jenna out of town
  • 6-Jul-06
    • mini group: NASA Sue, Carmen
  • 13-Jul-06
    • lunch in ... provided by Dr. Rickus
    • Catherine, results to date and research plan
    • j.c. John
    • mini group - listeria: Sue, John, Catherine, Amanda
  • 20-Jul-06
    • Carmen present results of bacterial immobilization to date
    • no j.c.
    • Mini Group - cell surfaces: Sabrina, Meghan, John
  • 27-Jul-06
    • Amanda's REU mini-symposium practice talk
    • j.c. Amanda
    • mini group: NASA Sue, Carmen
  • 3-Aug-06
    • no lab meeting
  • 10-Aug-06
    • Johh, nanoparticle, cell project intro and update
    • j.c. Sue
    • NASA Sue, Carmen
  • 17-Aug-06
    • Peer Review of Sue's Liposome Modeling Paper draft
    • j.c. Catherine
  • 24-Aug-06
    • classes begin, no lab meeting -



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