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#[[Rickus iGEM Journal Club | iGEM / Cell Engineering Journal Club]]
#[[Rickus iGEM Journal Club | iGEM / Cell Engineering Journal Club]]
==Physiological Sensing Facility==
'''New Members of the PSF:'''
In order to work in the PSF in the Bindley Bioscience Center you must first fulfill safety requirements.
Please click on the Safety link below and follow the instructions for New Lab Members.  Be sure to document any safety training that you have received at the university either through an organized program or through your PI.  After completing this safety section, alert Dr. Rickus so that she may review your documented safety training and identify any specific gaps.
[[Rickus Lab Safety | Safety]]

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The Rickus Lab is located in the Bindley Bioscience Center at Purdue University.

Please also visit our Rickus Lab Websiteand the Physiological Sensing Facility Website


Physiological Sensing Facility

  1. Current List of Members
  2. Calendar for Reserving Multi-User Equipment

Internal Lab Resources

  1. Rickus Lab Meeting Schedule
  2. Ordering Supplies
  3. Lab Duties
  4. Safety
  5. Lab Protocols
  6. Useful References
  7. FlexStation II Users

Journal Clubs

  1. Neuroengineering Journal Club
  2. iGEM / Cell Engineering Journal Club


  1. Nonlinear Dynamics in Biological Systems
  2. The Neuronal Biointerface CLA
  3. Biol 295F Quantitative Biology of the Living Cell
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