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Spring 2012 Group Meetings: Mondays from 3:30-5pm in 157C
On italicized dates, undergraduate attendance is strongly suggested.

Research updates are for graduate students only. They consist of a slightly longer explanation of the weekly report and each graduate student should expect to lead the discussion of their most recent data for 20 minutes.

Weekly updates will be required for all students. They should be emailed to both Sue (and your graduate mentor) no later than 30 minutes before group meeting is scheduled to begin.

Science updates are required for graduate students only. Graduate students are required to find a recent Science, Nature, or equivalent article that they find interesting and bring it in to share. Expect a 5 minute explanation of what was neat.

  • January 23: Expectations and Semester Goals Undergraduate attendance is strongly recommended
  • January 30: Research Updates
  • February 6: Journal Article Critique (Whitney)
  • February 13: Chalk Talk Practice and Science Update
  • February 15: Roberts Group Chalk Talk Presentation LGRT 1634, 12:15-1:30pm, pizza
  • February 20: Research Updates
  • February 27: Research Presentation (Rohan) and Science Updates
  • March 5: Journal Article Critique (Lisa)
  • March 12: Research Presentation (Sarah’s ACS) EARLY START at 2:30pm
  • March 19: No Meeting, Spring Break
  • March 26: Research Updates
  • April 2: Research Presentation (Whitney-CBI) and Science Update
  • April 9: Journal Article Critique (Rohan)
  • April 11: Whitney’s Chalk Talk Presentation LGRT 1634, 12:15-1:30pm, pizza
  • April 17: Research Updates TUESDAY
  • April 23: Research Presentation (Lisa)
  • April 30: Journal Article Critique (Sarah)
  • May 7: Research Updates
  • May 14: Re-evaluation of semester goals and discussion summer goals

Fall 2011 Group Meetings: 3:30pm in 157C

  • October 5: Sarah
  • November 9: Lisa
  • November 16: Rohan
  • December 7: Whitney

Last Update: *Whitney L. Stoppel 14:34, 5 January 2012 (EST)


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