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Overview of the main lab project

Class Date Agenda Homework Lab Protocol
Day 1 Feb. 7 safety training, training lab
  • Homework #1: doc pdf
    • read comic
    • iGEM Questions
    • Ideas (3-5) for what you want to engineer biology to do
    • Training lab questions
    • Data Analysis
    • Pre-Lab
Lab Day #1: Serial Dilutions pdf doc
Day 2 Feb. 21 SynBio Overview, sterile technique, colony streaking, antibiotic resistance Lab Day #2: Plate Streaking pdf doc
Day 3 Feb. 28 miniprep, digest
  • Lab Day #3: Plasmid Mini-Prep pdf doc
  • Restriction Digest pdf doc
Day 4 Mar. 7 PCR and gel
Day 5 Mar. 14 gel purification: pdf docx Lab Day #5: Gel Purification pdf doc
Day 6 Mar. 21 ligation, transformation Lab Day #6: Ligation pdf doc
Day 7 Mar. 28 prep for sequencing, glycerol

final project notes:

Lab Day #7: Transformation pdf doc
Day 8 Apr. 4 β-gal assays, growth curves, viable cell titer, analyze sequencing Lab Day #8: Beta-Galactosidase: Part I pdf doc
Day 9 Apr. 18 device characterization and composability
  • Homework #9: TBA
Lab Day #9: Beta-Galactosidase: Part II pdf doc
Day 10 May 2 data analysis, finish projects
  • Final: TBA
Final Lab: pdf
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