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[ download]
[ download]
[[ download]]
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Cell Culture

Cell Media with Selection Agents (Blasticidin, Zeocin, Geneticin) 04/05/12 Pdf
Cell Media with Selection Agents (Blasticidin, Zeocin) 11/15/11Pdf
Cell Splitting Protocol 03/02/12Pdf
Cell Transfection (Lipofectamine LTX) 05/01/12Pdf
Cell Transfection (Lipofectamine) 08/14/12Pdf
Cell Transfection (Novachoice) 05/04/12Pdf
Cell Harvesting for Electrophysiology 07/18/12Pdf
Cell Plating for Electrophysiology 10/21/11Pdf
Freezing CHO Cells 04/05/12Pdf
Plating Subclones for Ephys 09/29/11Pdf
Plating Subclones for Flourescent Screening 04/05/12Pdf
Subcloning Cells 02/23/11 Pdf
Testing TREX Subclones Ephys 04/06/11Pdf
Thawing CHO cells 07/09/12Pdf

download [/ download]

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