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(Cell Culture)
(General Lab)
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[[Sack: Agar Bridge Formation| Agar Bridge Formation]][  .]<br>
[[Sack: Agar Bridge Formation| Agar Bridge Formation]][  .]<br>
==General Lab==
==general lab==
[[Sack: Acidwash|Acidwash 03/22/11]][  .]<br>
[[Sack: Acidwash|Acidwash 03/22/11]][  .]<br>

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cell culture

Cell Media with Selection Agents (Blasticidin, Zeocin, Geneticin) .
Cell Media with Selection Agents (Blasticidin, Zeocin) .
Cell Splitting Protocol.
Cell Transfection (Lipofectamine LTX).
Cell Transfection (Lipofectamine).
Cell Transfection (Novachoice).
Cell Harvesting for Electrophysiology.
Cell Plating for Electrophysiology .
Freezing CHO Cells.
Plating Subclones for Ephys.
Plating Subclones for Fluorescent Screening.
Subcloning Cells.
Testing TREX Subclones Ephys.
Thawing CHO cells.


Agar Bridge Formation.

general lab

Acidwash 03/22/11.


BTAA Peptide Click HPLC 01/03/12.
Dylight Protocol 02/06/12.
Fmal Protocol.
HPLC Protocol.
Mass Spec Protocol for GxTx-13ACM.


Ephys Solutions 08/15/12.
Example 20K External 11/08/11.
Reagent Stocks Template 11/21/11.
Solutions Template 11/22/11.

Molecular Biology

Bacteria Transformation (One Shot Top Ten Invitrogen).
Bacteria Transformation Invitrogen .
Growth of Bacterial Cultures .
Subcloning Efficiency DH5a Chemically Competent E. Coli .

Tentagel Azide Beads

Bead Cell Binding 05/15/12.
Beads Alykne Azide BTTAA 05/16/12.

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