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{{Template: Sack Lab}}
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[[Image:C Guanxiensis 1.tif|400px]]
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Sack and Yarov-Yarovoy Labs

Department of Physiology and Membrane Biology
University of California, Davis

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general lab

Acidwash 03/22/11.

cell culture

Cell Media with Selection Agents (Blasticidin, Zeocin, Geneticin) .
Cell Media with Selection Agents (Blasticidin, Zeocin) .
Cell Splitting Protocol.
Cell Transfection (Lipofectamine LTX).
Cell Transfection (Lipofectamine).
Cell Transfection (Novachoice).
Cell Harvesting for Electrophysiology.
Cell Plating for Electrophysiology .
Freezing CHO Cells.
Plating Subclones for Ephys.
Plating Subclones for Fluorescent Screening.
Subcloning Cells.
Testing TREX Subclones Ephys.
Thawing CHO cells.


Agar Bridge Formation.

molecular biology

Bacteria Transformation (One Shot Top Ten Invitrogen).
Bacteria Transformation Invitrogen .
Growth of Bacterial Cultures .
Subcloning Efficiency DH5a Chemically Competent E. Coli .


Ephys Solutions 08/15/12.
Example 20K External 11/08/11.
Reagent Stocks Template 11/21/11.
Solutions Template 11/22/11.


ELISA Protocol for a 96-well Plate.

ELISA Spreadsheet Skeleton .
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