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(Protein Expression/Purification)
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[[Sauer:Lysing E. coli with Lysozymes]]
[[Sauer:Lysing E. coli with Lysozymes]]
[[Sauer:GFP-H6-ssrA purification]]
===''In vitro'' enzymatic assays===
===''In vitro'' enzymatic assays===

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Please link protocols to the general Protocols page if appropriate.

Protein Expression/Purification

Sauer:ClpX purification

Sauer:His6 ClpX purification

Sauer:ClpP purification

Sauer:SspB purification

Sauer:Expression/purification of 35S-Met proteins

Sauer:Purification of His6-tagged proteins

Sauer:Lysing E. coli with Lysozymes

Sauer:GFP-H6-ssrA purification

In vitro enzymatic assays

Sauer:In vitro degradation of GFP-ssrA by ClpXP

Sauer:In vitro degradation of GFP-ssrA by ClpAP

Sauer:In vitro degradation of radiolabeled proteins by ClpXP PROTOCOL NEEDED!

Sauer:ATPase assays

Proteins: in vitro

Sauer:Silver staining

Sauer:bis-Tris SDS-PAGE, the very best

Nucleic acids: in vitro

Sauer:In vitro transcription with T7 RNA polymerase

Sauer:Phenol/chloroform extraction

Quantitating nucleic acids

Sauer:Site-directed mutagenesis

Sauer:RNA Purification from E. coli

Sauer:Stitching Genes by PCR

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