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** [[Shreffler:JAX_Basophil_Activation|JAX]]
** [[Shreffler:JAX_Basophil_Activation|JAX]]
** [[Shreffler:PM_Basophil_Activation|JHU PMCx]]
** [[Shreffler:PM_Basophil_Activation|JHU PMCx]]
* [[Shreffler:Basophil_Sensitization]]
* [[Shreffler:CFSE Labeling | CFSE Labeling]]
* [[Shreffler:CFSE Labeling | CFSE Labeling]]
* [[Cell Counting]]
* [[Cell Counting]]

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Reading List

Error fetching PMID 19635859:
Error fetching PMID 19635864:
Error fetching PMID 19506051:
Error fetching PMID 19564353:
Error fetching PMID 19528258:
Error fetching PMID 19487420:
Error fetching PMID 19578369:
Error fetching PMID 19561615:
  1. Error fetching PMID 19635859: [Steinfelder]
  2. Error fetching PMID 19635864: [Everts]
    two significant papers on SEA as Th2 adjuvants

  3. Error fetching PMID 19506051: [Susuki]
    interesting for methods related to baso confocal project

  4. Error fetching PMID 19564353: [Geiger]
    another methodology paper perhaps for frequency of allergen-specific T cells

  5. Error fetching PMID 19528258: [Campbell]
    madhan's project

  6. Error fetching PMID 19487420: [la_Sala]
    mechanisms of CT

  7. Error fetching PMID 19578369: [Duhen]
    characterization of a distinct Th subset producing IL-22; relevance to PN adjuvant?, second independent paper also published back-to-back

  8. Error fetching PMID 19561615: [Okamoto]
    new transcriptional regulator for Th2 described, could be useful for Th2 phenotyping

All Medline abstracts: PubMed HubMed


R analysis

  • Image:Array flinterman.R
    • script used for Flinterman paper -- one of the first 'BATCH' functions for analysis of multiple data files
  • Image:Jax pcr.R
    • for analysis of pbmc pcr data in the JAX project -- good use of %in% and grep as well as loops to mash data together from two sources
  • Image:Milk mash script.R
    • script used by Wayne and Lara to do interim analysis of milk basophil data
  • Image:AAAAI rCode.R
    • Lara's analysis script for her abstract using data file, 20080818_BaselineBasoDataWithClinicalGroups.csv. Example of 2-way ANOVA.
  • Image:Duke extract script.R
    • Wayne's analysis of duke peanut mucosal IT data that extracts text files from FlowJo analysis data directory tree and also mashes up baso data with clinical data file and produces time series data with multiple plots using layout for peanut, controls, egg by treatment or placebo




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