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Our laboratory is located in the Department of Systems Biology in the Warren Alpert Building at Harvard Medical School in Room 425.

Our mailing address and contact info are:

Department of Systems Biology
Harvard Medical School
200 Longwood Ave. WAB 536
Boston, MA 02115

TEL: 617-432-6401 or try 617-432-4996

FAX: 617-432-5012

pamela_silver AT hms DOT harvard DOT edu

(Please be aware that is no longer functional).

Joining our group

We welcome people from diverse scientific backgrounds at any level. If you are interested in becoming a member of our group, please send a cover letter and a copy of your CV by email to Pam Silver. For interested graduate students, please just send an email. We welcome graduate students from all Harvard DMS and FAS programs including BBS, Biophysics, and Chemical Biology (and of course Systems Biology). We also welcome visiting graduate and undergraduates from other Universities throughout the world.


In the coming months, we will have an opening for a technician interested in assembling and characterizing biological systems. The minimum requirements are: an undergraduate degree in molecular biology, bioengineering, computer or physical sciences and willingness to work as part of a larger team. If interested - please send a letter and a copy of your CV to

Reagent Requests

For strain requests, please give as much detail as possible such as strain number, plasmid number, or reference. Please send your request by email together with an account number if you wish to have it sent by express mail. If you wish to have it sent by express mail but do not have an account or cannot afford it - please say so and we will still process your request. Your request will be forwarded to someone in the lab and sent as soon as possible. We are commited to sending out all published reagents, any parts in the Registry of Standard Biological Parts made in our lab or used in the iGEM2005 competition, and in many cases just about anything else - just ask! If you wish to use a reagent that we have sent to another lab, that's fine too - we wouldn't mind getting an email just so we have a record of who is using what in case we can't find something or someone else at your Institution requests the same reagents. Thanks!

Some plasmids can be obtained through Addgene, a not for profit service.

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