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*Haynes, K and Silver, PA  Eukaryotic systems broaden the scope of synthetic biology.  2009.  J Cell Biol. 187:589-96.
*Haynes, K and Silver, PA  Eukaryotic systems broaden the scope of synthetic biology.  2009.  J Cell Biol. 187:589-96.
*Kennedy, CJ, Boyle, PM, Waks, Z, and Silver, PA  Systems-level engineering of non-fermentative metabolism in yeast.  2009. Genetics, 183:385-97.
*Kennedy, CJ*, Boyle, PM*, Waks, Z, and Silver, PA  Systems-level engineering of non-fermentative metabolism in yeast.  2009. Genetics, 183:385-97.
*Lee, S., Dudley, AM, Drubin, D., Silver, PA, Krogan, N., Pe'er, D., and Koller, D.  Learning a Prior on Regulatory Potential from eQTL data.  2009,  PLos Genetics Jan5(1):e1000358.
*Lee, S., Dudley, AM, Drubin, D., Silver, PA, Krogan, N., Pe'er, D., and Koller, D.  Learning a Prior on Regulatory Potential from eQTL data.  2009,  PLos Genetics Jan5(1):e1000358.

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  • Wintermute EH and Silver PA. Emergent cooperation in microbial metabolism. 2010. Nature Mol Sys Biol., In press.
  • Moore MJ, Wang Q, Kennedy CJ and Silver PA. An alternative splicing network links cell cycle control to apoptosis. 2010. Cell, in press.
  • Waks Z and Silver PA. Nuclear origins of cell-to-cell variability. 2010. Cold Spring Harbor 75th Symposium in Quantitative Biology.
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  • Agapakis C and Silver PA. Modular electron transfer circuits for synthetic biology: insulation of an engineered biohydrogen pathway. 2010. Bioengineered Bugs, in press
  • Silver PA. Knowing when to change: Reprogramming (my) life. 2010. Nature Cell Biology, 8:730.


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  • Arbiser, JL, Kau, T., Silver, PA, Bain, J., Bai, X., and Bowen, P. Solenopsin, the alkaloidal component of the fire ant (Solenopsis invicta), is a naturally occurring inhibitor of phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase signaling and angiogenesis. 2007. Blood, 109:560-5.
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