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Skim is an excellent free PDF reader and annotation software for Mac OS X. It allows you to do digitally what you are used to on paper: highlight, underline, add sticky notes. Beyond what you can do on paper, with Skim you can quickly search the PDF and browse your notes in a separate pane. Get it, try it, and stop printing out kilos of paper that then bog you down when you have to move.


Image:Skim icon.png

Features valuable for the science reader

  • facilitates reading PDFs with full screen mode, many zoom shortcuts, reading bar
  • easy searching using a pane on the left; list all hits with page number and marks them clearly in the text after selection
  • paper-like annotation including colour-highlighting, underlining, circles, boxes, full sticky notes, and anchored sticky notes that expand when clicked
  • dedicated pane listing your notes; searchable and hot-linked

File structure


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