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Please put down the dates you will away for the shut down or if you will be here between Dec 19th and Jan 2nd.

Paul - here

Ton- Away
Drew K- Away Dec. 18th - 29th
Joe- Away
Kate- Away 23rd on
Mike- Away Dec. 20- 30th
Kathy- Away 20th on
Melina - Away 23rd on
Yen-Hsiang - Away 25th on
Jay - Away Dec. 18th-30th
Stephanie - Away Dec 22 - Jan 1
Monica- Here
Jerome- Here
EAV- Here 19-21 & 27-29
Megan - Away Dec 21-29
Andy - Away 25th on
Josh - Away Dec 18-29
Isis - Away Dec 24-Jan 1
remus - away
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