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(Yeast Sub Group Meeting Schedule)
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*Time: 2-3pm
*Time: 2-3pm
*Where: Red Door
*Where: Red Door
* I would prefer Thursday-Katie
==Mammalian Sub Group Meeting Schedule==
==Mammalian Sub Group Meeting Schedule==

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Biology Sub Group Meeting Schedule

Next meeting: TBD

Yeast Sub Group Meeting Schedule

  • When: Tentatively Wednesday or Thursday, Dec. 13-14
  • Time: 2-3pm
  • Where: Red Door
  • I would prefer Thursday-Katie

Mammalian Sub Group Meeting Schedule

Tuesday, Nov 7 at 2pm, at the first table meeting the following criteria:

  1. in the vicinity of the Red Door Cafe
  2. the table is completely unoccupied
  3. the table can seat at least four people
  4. the table is well shielded from the light...for the nocturnal members of the group

Steph will present

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