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Notes from the Washroom


Ice Machine

Please take the time to remove spilled ice from the floor. When it melts, it is hazardous to everyone.


Please ask to use the autoclave between 9 and 12. I usually run one tips cycle everyday, and frequently liquid cycles. Instructions for the autoclave are posted on the wall, check both sides. Ask if you aren't sure.

The autoclave shuts down everyday at 11PM, but will finish a cycle if running at the time. You can manually restart it if you are here that late. Start up is at 7AM. To run a cycle before I get in, press cancel on the screen and let the machine run its flush cycle, about 5 min. Then you can go ahead.

Running the Autoclave

Glassware and Plastic - including all beakers, flasks, cylinders and bottles.

Please make sure all agar is removed from items, it clogs the filter on the dishwasher if I don't catch it. Remove all tape, rinse well and invert onto the white pegs above each sink in the lab or on the counter in the washroom. Please don't use the pegs in the washroom, as I store my baskets there. Always leave sinks clear.

Clean glassware is in the weigh room. Sterile bottles and glassware are indicated with tape. Always inspect items before use. If at anytime an item is in questionable condition, bring it to my attention so I can follow up.

Used Culture Tubes and 96 well Culture Plates

Soak 96 well culture plates in the large blue bucket on the washroom counter. Bleach solution is replaced periodically.

Remove all tape from tubes and leave in the washroom. Add some Bleach solution to each tube and re-cap, otherwise the fumes are overwhelming, Thanks! Please remember to leave racks when possible, so I have something to put the clean tubes into. Sterile racks of tubes are located over the ice machine. Individual tubes may be pulled from the indicated rack.

Bleach is located under the sink. Solution recipe is on the squirt bottle.

Used Culture Plates

Dispose of culture plates into the double bag in the white bin by B17. I autoclave on M, W, F. If you are generating a ton of plates, please let me know so I can take care of it right away.

Glass Beads and Toothpicks

Glass beads are picked up for cleaning from the bench once a week. Sterilized beads and toothpicks are located in the drawer near to the culture plate bin.

Smolke Lab Tips and Sterile Eppendorf Tubes

Leave items for reloading next to the hood in the last bay. Make sure to leave tray/container and lid. Place large Rainin filter tip boxes in the box under the counter for recycling. Sterile tips are located in the cabinet on the last bench and eppendorfs over the centrifuge in B17.

Endy Lab Tips and Sterile Eppendorf Tubes.

Only unfiltered tips from Fisher are reloaded, all other boxes are currently discarded. Sterile eppendorfs and tips are located in the gel bench bay. For now, leave empties in the washroom.

Everything Else

Broken glass is deposited in the marked container by the culture plate bin. There is a small broom and pan under the sink in the wash room for breakage. Also a mop for small spills. Paper towels are located under various sinks and on the top shelf near B17 (Smolke.) Hand soap refills are located under various sinks. Please do not throw the pumps away.

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