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*What:  See above
*What:  See above
*When: Thursday, 21 December
*When: Thursday, 21 December -?What time approximately?-
*Where: TSB's
*Where: TSB's
*Why: "Because a lab that drinks together thinks together"
*Why: "Because a lab that drinks together thinks together"

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Holiday Wine Night!

Instead of a top-down approach to the holiday party this year, we would like to see if holiday cheer can be an emergent property of component interactions - a bottom-up (or bottoms-up) paradigm. Since wine night was a success (and very easy to organize) I'm proposing that the holiday party be modeled on this idea. That means: bring what you want to drink, plus your favorite appetizers if you want. We can get the CDS account to pick up the tab on this one. We'll also be making cocktails, non-alcoholic libations, and snacks. Tsbayer


  • We have to figure out a date - I put down December 14th as a starting point for discussion. Tsbayer
  • I promise that I won't recommend the Friday's Mudslides again. Andrew
  • Now that I've been thinking about it, I don't really care what drinks are there, but I don't want to get rid of the great food that we get every year. Those wine nights can be organized at any time we want them to be, but this holiday party is only once a year. Andrew.
  • I think that appetizers a good idea...maybe to ensure that the food is as good as in past years we should order out for them. Khoff
  • I am down with the appetizer idea! I think it would be fun to have a variety of appetizers instead of a "themed" meal... --Sculler 15:41, 5 December 2006 (EST)


  • What: See above
  • When: Thursday, 21 December -?What time approximately?-
  • Where: TSB's
  • Why: "Because a lab that drinks together thinks together"
  • Contact: Steph, Travis
  • What to bring: Wine, beer, other beverages, snacks and apps if you like

Food ideas

Drink ideas

Who's In?

  • The 21st seems like the least constrained day, as discussed in lab meeting.
  • the 14th sounds like a great night...Kevin
  • I like the 14th Tsbayer
  • I'd love to come but I'm out of town until the 15th (and then again from the 23rd-) -Leo
  • I'm already committed to something else on the 14th. Any other night would work. - cbeisel
  • Any night would be fine for me. -Yvonne
  • i'm in anynight the 12-20th -Kelsic

Previous wine nights

7 November 2006

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