Smolke Endy LB Agar

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*2.55 G NaCl
*2.55 G NaCl
*6.1 G Agar
*6.1 G Agar
* Add 500ml of Milli-Q water or DI water and sterilize for 45 min.

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Day before, ask how much is needed to make. Log the batch number in your notebook.

Label each bottle with LB Agar, lot number, and your initials.

Make each 500ml in a 1 Liter bottle. Since Agar will not go into solution at room temp. It would be difficult to pour the mixture into aliquots from a larger batch.

From recipe, measure Bacto-peptone, Yeast, NaCl, and Agar into each bottle. Add 450ml of water from the millipore filter in the washroom and add a stir bar. Mix on the stirplate. Remove stirbar with stirbar retriever and pour most of the mixture into a graduated cylinder. As you get to the bottom of the bottle, swirl the mixture and pour. Bring up to final volume of 500ml and pour back into the original bottle. Swirl and pour as you transfer to make sure as much of the mixture is returned to the bottle.

Adhere autoclave tape. Loosely cap bottle and set in autoclave tray with 2 inches of water. Just prior to closing the door, give each bottle another swirl to ensure mixture has not settled out.

Autoclave on Liquid 60.

Individually remove each bottle and gently swirl contents. Let cool, secure cap closed and store in the weigh room cabinet.


per 500ml bottle

  • 5.1 G Bacto Peptone
  • 2.55 G Yeast Extract
  • 2.55 G NaCl
  • 6.1 G Agar

  • Add 500ml of Milli-Q water or DI water and sterilize for 45 min.
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