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Literature Reviewed

The purpose of this page is to post the recent articles that we in the Stephanopoulos group review in our nearly-weekly literature review presentations. Sometimes the presenter focuses on a particular paper, and sometimes the roughly one-hour talk gives a brief overview of an important series of related papers.

27 April 2006: Curt Fischer

Curt presented a recent PNAS article which explicated a newly-discovered operon in E. coli which uses a previously unreported pathway for uracil degradation. He also briefly mentioned two other recent high-profilepapers on nitrogen metabolism--one reported the genome sequence of a anaerobic ammonium oxidizing bacterium and hypthesizes the full structure of this metabolic pathway, and the other presents laborious and careful analysis carbon utilization of non-thermophilic archaea living in medium-depth oceanic waters. These bacteria fix inorganic carbon and oxidize nitrogen, and are probably major players in the global nitrogen cycle.

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4 May 2006: Joel Moxley

Joel gave an excellent overview of several landmark papers about new tools for high-throughput data collection in systems biology.

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