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Our research is focused on Metabolic Engineering - the improvement of cellular properties, using modern genetic tools. This field encompasses two important components:

  • The modification of biochemical pathways inside cells and
  • The rigorous evaluation of the resulting cellular phenotypes.

Our most recent research has been focused on the following topics:

To accomplish the above goals we make use of a diverse array of scientific tools and methods, many of which have also become areas of research for our group:

  • Bioinformatics and Systems Biology - Our group was one of the first to realize the importance of computational tools for handling the large volume of data generated by microarrays and other technologies.
  • DNA microarrays - We have developed full genome microarrays for Synechocystis Sp., and partial microarrays for C. glutamicum, E. coli, and the mouse genomes.



Department of Chemical Engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

77 Massachusetts Ave,

Room 56-469

Cambridge, MA 02139


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