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*[[SfGS: Fall 2006 Sustainability Seminar Series | Fall 2006 Sustainability Seminar Series]]
*[[SfGS ecoexpo|Ecoexpo]]
*[[SfGS: Wiki Instructions |How do I use this wikipedia anyway?]]
*[[SfGS: Wiki Instructions |How do I use this wikipedia anyway?]]
*[[SfGS: Studio!Sus]]
*[[SfGS: Studio!Sus]]

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SfGS Mission Statement

Students for Global Sustainability (SfGS) is a student organization commited to sustainable development and conservation projects on both the global and local levels. SfGS is a chapter of the World Student Community for Sustainable Development (WSC-SD), which is an international partnership of six student communities seeking to promote sustainable development in research, education, and day-to-day collaborations among tomorrow's scientists, engineers and policy-makers.

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