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*[[SynBERC:VTC | SynBERC VideoConferencing]]
*[[SynBERC:VTC | SynBERC VideoConferencing]]
*SynBERC Parts (c/o Registry of Standard Biological Parts)
*SynBERC Parts (c/o Registry of Standard Biological Parts)
==Recent changes==

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The Synthetic Biology Engineering Research Center (SynBERC) is a multi-institution research effort to lay the foundation for synthetic biology, which aims to build biological components and assemble them into integrated systems to accomplish specific tasks.


  • 2/13/2007: Information for students on the upcoming site visit.
  • 2/12/2007: Feedback on possible T shirt designs needed ASAP.
  • See the Knight & Endy Lab Tour
  • The SynBERC extranet will be hosted here, on OpenWetWare. Please edit with impunity!


Research Thrusts

Proposed Projects

  • Add your proposed projects to the appropriate Research Thrusts above. If you don't wish to have your project viewed publicly, add it to the SynBERC intranet.

Testbed Applications



Recent changes

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