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(Synthetic Biology Working Group lunches)
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====Mon at 12pm====
====Mon at 12pm====

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SynBERC Research @ MIT

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Synthetic Biology Working Group lunches

Scheduling for spring term

I cannot make the following times on a regular basis

Wed at 1pm

  1. Kris
  2. Natalie
  3. Justin
  4. Sean
  5. Samantha

Mon at 12pm

  1. Kris
  2. Gerry
  3. Michael Strong (Church lab group meeting)
  4. Drew OoT frequently

Tues at 1pm

  1. Natalie
  2. Justin
  3. Jen
  4. Francois


Synthetic Biology Working Group lunches are an opportunity for anyone in the Boston-area who is interested in synthetic biology to get together and discuss current issues and topics in the field. Each lunch discussion is led by someone (selected at the end of lunch the previous week) and focuses on a particular topic. The style of the lunch is really meant to be a discussion rather than a presentation. Therefore, discussion leaders frequently give a chalk talk or only have a handful of slides to help structure discussion.

Announcements regarding Synthetic Biology Working Group lunches are sent to synthbio AT mit. To join the mailing list, go here or contact Isadora Deese. All are welcome to attend.

If you've previously led a discussion at SBWG lunch, please consider posting your slides or notes at the appropriate link below.

Next meeting

Previous meetings

Proposed topics

Some potential topics to be discussed at MIT SBWG lunch ... just brainstorming ... please edit. (I know that we had talked about having people present but I think there are also a set of issues that several people's projects touch on but aren't being addressed by any one person.) Apologies because these aren't articulated very well.

  1. Electronics device families (introduction by TK) - SynBERC:MIT/Calendar/2006-9-27
  2. Abstraction hierarchies
    1. Parts -> Devices -> Systems
    2. Biological layer model (AC)
  3. DEVICES: Composability? Device family specification? Interfaces within families? Interfaces across families? Eventually parts datasheet? Eventually standards?
    1. Transcriptional device families (RS and CAF) - SynBERC:MIT/Calendar/2006-10-4, SynBERC:MIT/Calendar/2006-10-11
    2. Post-translational device families (SS)
    3. Biosynthetic device families (KJP lab) - SynBERC:MIT/Calendar/2006-10-18, SynBERC:MIT/Calendar/2006-10-25
    4. Ribozyme device families (AC) - SynBERC:MIT/Calendar/2006-1-10, SynBERC:MIT/Calendar/2006-1-17 and SynBERC:MIT/Calendar/2006-1-24
    5. Translation device families?
  4. PARTS: SynBERC:MIT/Calendar/2006-2-7
    1. Terminators
    2. Coding regions
    3. RBSs
    4. Promoters
    5. Composability and characterization - SynBERC:MIT/Calendar/2006-11-01
  5. CHASSIS: Why do we want different kinds? What kinds? What are the simplest systems that work?
    1. Minimal chassis
    2. Mesoplasma florum - SynBERC:MIT/Calendar/2006-12-13
    3. E. coli standard strain and rE. coli - SynBERC:MIT/Calendar/2006-12-6
    4. Yeast
    5. Power supply - SynBERC:MIT/Calendar/2006-11-15
    6. Vectors - SynBERC:MIT/Calendar/2006-1-31
  6. Synthesis technologies
    1. What is state of the art?
    2. What are the good ideas?
    3. How do we get more investment?
    4. Can the fabs constrain what people synthesize?
  7. What does the CAD tool look like?
  8. Human practice
  9. Differentiation and cell to cell communication. Development. Programmed pattern formation. (Arthur Lander, Radhika)
  10. Standards (also see talk page)
  11. Load issues
    • What demands on the chassis are of most concern to us? Replication, transcription, translation, Enzyme activity?
      • Are we regularly placing high demands on the chassis with our existing systems?
    • What chassis responses to an applied demand are of relevance? Growth rate, protein synthesis capacity?
      • Can we specify a threshold demand level above which the chassis response is so severe as to render the our engineered systems inoperable?
  12. Selection against our systems SynBERC:MIT/Calendar/2006-12-20
    1. e.g. IS elements are showing up in our devices!
  13. Statistics of codon pairs (UC Irvine folks)
  14. iGEM 2010 - SynBERC:MIT/Calendar/2006-11-08
  15. Registry 2.0
  16. Publishing (with CS on Oct 20) - held separately
  17. Please add your topic to the list.

Spring room schedule

I am currently planning on having SBWG lunch at the same time next term. If the timing doesn't work for you, please let me know. If there are enough folks who can't make it, we'll move it.

Room reservations

All lunches except those below will be in Kiva, 32-D463, MIT beginning January 10, 2007 and ending May 31, 2007.

March 14 - 32-G449

April 11 - 1-350

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