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The BioBricks Foundation was invited to run a workshop on "Synthetic Biology with BioBricks Parts" at CSB2008. Reusable educational modules about synthetic biology can be found on this page.

Skeletal draft outline of SB101

  1. Intro - setting the stage for synthetic biology
    1. Overview - imagine sequencing and synthesis became free overnight. Where does that lead in terms of engineering? (Abstraction, Modularity, Standardization)
    2. History
    3. Definitions (ex modularity, standards)
  2. Standard Parts: Goals and Tools
    1. Data sheets (goal)
    2. Measurement (path toward goal)
    3. Repositories
    4. Legal Standards (Freedom)
    5. Production and Use - iGEM (fabs... & codon devices, ginkgo?)
  3. Get involved!
    1. biobricks foundation: volunteer, help steer the ship
    2. igem: do syn bio for real
    3. diybio?

Questions / Ideas

  • In the history of electronics, did the pioneers begin by inventing interesting/useful devices or reusable basic parts? It seems to me they started with certain applications in mind (devices) which over time revealed a set of commonly used basic parts.


  • a technology flowchart revealing the significant events leading to the advent of synthetic biology and project what the most important advances will be 5 to 10 years into the future.
  • A diagram representing available biobrick parts & devices localized to their areas of activity in a cell. See slides 13 and 14 in the embedded slides below:

SSSB: Building Good Registries for Synthetic Biology - Upload a Document to Scribd
Read this document on Scribd: SSSB: Building Good Registries for Synthetic Biology

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