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The BioBricks Foundation was invited to run a workshop on "Synthetic Biology with BioBricks Parts" at CSB2008. Reusable educational modules about synthetic biology can be found on this page.

Skeletal draft outline of SB101

  1. Intro - setting the stage for synthetic biology
    1. Overview - imagine sequencing and synthesis became free overnight. Where does that lead in terms of engineering? (Abstraction, Modularity, Standardization)
    2. History
    3. Definitions (part, device, chassis, biobrick, physical standard, functional standard, abstraction, engineering cycle)
  2. Standard Parts: Goals and Tools
    1. Data sheets (goal)
    2. Measurement (path toward goal)
      1. Jason's story about telegraph cable standardization
    3. Getting & Storing parts: Registries & Repositories
    4. Legal Standards (Freedom)
    5. Production and Use - iGEM (fabs... & codon devices, ginkgo?)
  3. Hands on WetLab demo:
    1. Transformation foo using real Datasheets
    2. Show off a couple of MIT Registry Binders
  4. Get involved!
    1. biobricks foundation: volunteer, help steer the ship
    2. igem: do syn bio for real
    3. diybio?

Questions / Ideas

  • In the history of electronics, did the pioneers begin by inventing interesting/useful devices or reusable basic parts? It seems to me they started with certain applications in mind (devices) which over time revealed a set of commonly used basic parts.


  • a technology flowchart revealing the significant events leading to the advent of synthetic biology and project what the most important advances will be 5 to 10 years into the future.
  • A diagram representing available biobrick parts & devices localized to their areas of activity in a cell. See slides 13 and 14 in the embedded slides below:

SSSB: Building Good Registries for Synthetic Biology - Upload a Document to Scribd
Read this document on Scribd: SSSB: Building Good Registries for Synthetic Biology

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