Synthetic Genomics Study

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Introduction & Background

DNA synthesis is a technology that enables new genetic material to be constructed from raw chemicals. The technology has been developing over the last ~30 years, but more recently has undergone rapid improvements both capacity and cost. Today, it is possible to order a piece of 10,000 base pair fragment of DNA over the web (i.e., you provide the DNA sequence information, a credit card number, and a shipping address). Most researchers involved with the technology expect that it is now possible to build 200,000 base pair fragments of DNA and that a ~1,000,000 base pair bacterial genome will likely be constructed within the next two years.

MIT/Cambridge-area ad hoc discussion group

I am planning to organize/host an ad hoc, informal discussion group that will meet ~once per month over the course of the study. My hope is that we (the MIT community) can explore and discuss any technical and societal issues that have to do with the development of long fragment DNA synthesis technology. Stay tuned for an announcement of the first meeting's time & place. Endy 18:07, 3 Jul 2005 (EDT)

Background Reading


MIT Synthetic Biology Working Group
J. Craig Venter Institute
Center for Strategic and International Studies
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation


Study announcement via MIT News Office

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