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T/R lab

Digest Results

Note: most of these gels were run using loading dye without RNase. In Agi's misguided attempt to keep your methods section simple, she made the call to stick with the NEB loading dye instead of our home-brew loading dye -- sorry, all! Most of the gels seem straightforward to interpret: just ignore the very thick small bands of RNA, and note that your other DNA bands may be shifted down very slightly and are also curved. However, in a couple of cases we may re-run digests/gels, and will keep you posted about it. Feel free to provide feedback about how "interpretable" you think your gel is directly to us.

Red Orange Yellow Green Blue
Pink Purple Silver White

W/F lab

Digest Results

Ligation Results

Please put your colony count data in the correct row.

Note: "hypothetical data" just shows made-up numbers similar to what you might expect.

Group Colour pCX-EGFP (#) bkb + ins, no lig (#) bkb + lig, no ins (#) bkb + ins, lig 1 (#) bkb + ins, lig 2 (#)
Hypothetical Data 1000 2 20 100 100
Pink 896 3 337
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