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Mackey Craven: [[Media: Mod3_Report_Mackey.pdf ]] [[Media: Mod3_Figures_Mackey.pdf]]

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T/R data

Collagen II ELISA Collagen I ELISA
Media:S09_M3D6_TR-Red_CNII.txt‎ Media:S09_M3D6_TR-Red_CNI.txt‎
Media:S09_M3D6_TR-Orange_CNII.txt‎ Media:S09_M3D6_TR-Orange_CNI.txt‎
Media:S09_M3D6_TR-Yellow_CNII.txt‎ Media:S09_M3D6_TR-Yellow_CNI.txt‎
Media:S09_M3D6_TR-Green_CNII.txt‎ Media:S09_M3D6_TR-Green_CNI.txt‎
Media:S09_M3D6_TR-Blue_CNII.txt‎ Media:S09_M3D6_TR-Blue_CNI.txt‎
Media:S09_M3D6_TR-Pink_CNII.txt‎ Media:S09_M3D6_TR-Pink_CNI.txt‎
Media:S09_M3D6_TR-Purple_CNII.txt‎ Media:S09_M3D6_TR-Purple_CNI.txt‎
Media:S09_M3D6_TR-Grey_CNII.txt‎ Media:S09_M3D6_TR-Grey_CNI.txt‎

Data Summaries: Michael Meyer: Media: Module_3_Data_Summary.pdf

Michael's Addendum: The absorbance readings taken before RT-PCR from all of our samples were .001 for 260 nm and 280 nm. Based on the readings alone, we have significant protein contamination. However, we need to keep in mind that measurements this low are not very significant and could easily be off by small amounts, which would throw off the 260 to 280 ratio by a lot. Thus we cannot say for sure whether or not we had protein contamination (from collagen, or even from the alginate).

Charlotte Yang: Media: Final_Report.docx Media: Final_Report_fig.docx

Mahesh Vidula: Media: Module_3_Report--Mahesh_Vidula.doc

Casey Hua: Media: Module_3_Report+Figures--Casey Hua.doc

Danyi Wu: Media: Module_3_Report+Figures--Danyi_Wu.doc

Layla Barkal: Media: Module_3_Report--Layla_Barkal.pdf

Amanda Mok: Media: Module_3_Report_Amanda_Mok.pdf‎

Albert Chi: Media: Module_3_Report--Albert_Chi.docx

Sohan Mikkilineni: Media: Mod3_paper_sohan.pdf Media: Mod_3_Figures.pdf Media: Suppdata.pdf

Eric Gomez: Media: 20109mod3EricGTR.docx Media: Mod_3_Figures.pdf Media: Suppdata.pdf

ERIC'S ADDENDUM!!!: We estimated 250,000 cells in culture before encapsulation into alginate beads. After one week of experimental perturbation, prior to analysis, we estimated about 200,000 control cells and 300,000 experimental cells.

Mark Shteyn: Media: mshteyn_tr_mod3.pdf

Dahlia Alkekhia: Media: module_3_report.pdf

W/F data

Collagen II ELISA Collagen I ELISA
Media:S09_M3D6_WF-Red_CNII.txt‎ Media:S09_M3D6_WF-Red_CNI.txt‎
Media:S09_M3D6_WF-Orange_CNII.txt‎ Media:S09_M3D6_WF-Orange_CNI.txt‎
Media:S09_M3D6_WF-Yellow_CNII.txt‎ Media:S09_M3D6_WF-Yellow_CNI.txt‎
Media:S09_M3D6_WF-Green_CNII.txt‎ Media:S09_M3D6_WF-Green_CNI.txt‎
Media:S09_M3D6_WF-Blue_CNII.txt‎ Media:S09_M3D6_WF-Blue_CNI.txt‎
Media:S09_M3D6_WF-Pink_CNII.txt‎ Media:S09_M3D6_WF-Pink_CNI.txt‎
Media:S09_M3D6_WF-Purple_CNII.txt‎ Media:S09_M3D6_WF-Purple_CNI.txt‎
Media:S09_M3D6_WF-Grey_CNII.txt‎ Media:S09_M3D6_WF-Grey_CNI.txt‎

Mackey Craven: Media: Mod3_Report_Mackey.pdf Media: Mod3_Figures_Mackey.pdf

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