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T/R data

Collagen II ELISA Collagen I ELISA PG Assay
Media:S13_M3D6-TR-Red-CNII.txt‎ Media:S13_M3D6-TR-Red-CNI.txt‎ Media:S13_M3D6-TR-Red-PG.txt‎
Media:S13_M3D6-TR-Org-CNII.txt‎ Media:S13_M3D6-TR-Org-CNI.txt‎ Media:S13_M3D6-TR-Org-PG.txt‎
Media:S13_M3D6-TR-Ylw-CNII.txt‎ Media:S13_M3D6-TR-Ylw-CNI.txt‎ Media:S13_M3D6-TR-Ylw-PG.txt‎ Media:S13_M3D6-TR-Grn-CNII.txt‎ Media:S13_M3D6-TR-Grn-CNI.txt‎ Media:S13_M3D6-TR-Grn-PG.txt‎
Media:S13_M3D6-TR-Blu-CNII.txt‎ Media:S13_M3D6-TR-Blu-CNI.txt‎ Media:S13_M3D6-TR-Blu-PG.txt‎
Media:S13_M3D6-TR-Prp-CNII.txt‎ Media:S13_M3D6-TR-Prp-CNI.txt‎ Media:S13_M3D6-TR-Prp-PG.txt‎
Media:S13_M3D6-TR-Plt-CNII.txt‎ Media:S13_M3D6-TR-Plt-CNI.txt‎ Media:S13_M3D6-TR-Plt-PG.txt‎

W/F data

Sample DMMB Data

The following data is from an experiment run with chondrocytes in 3D culture, cultured either with proline and ascorbate or without those two factors. If your own data was not usable, you are welcome to play around with this data instead, simply as practice (not for your report).

DMMB data: Media: 20109_DMMB-sample-data.txt

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